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As Papageno in The Magic Flute with Opera Colorado, Denver, Colorado

"Both, however, are nearly upstaged by baritone Daniel Belcher, whose recent performances in Denver and Central City have made him a local favorite.  He is, quite simply, the best Papageno one could hope for.  Possessing a coveted combination of comic panache and vocal prowess, Belcher knows how to steal a scene.  The character's two very familiar strophic arias seem new and refreshing when Belcher sings them."

Boulder Daily Camera, May 2015


As Father Palmer in Silent Night with Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Kansas City, Misssouri

"...Daniel Belcher (Father Palmer) was his usual remarkable self.  Belcher's voice and stance transfixed the audience during the simple Prayer of St. Francis petition, which emerged in perfect balance over a dissonant orchestral web.", February 2015


As Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with Central City Opera, Central City, Colorado

"Reveling in their roles as the opera's two essential comic pillars were baritone Daniel Belcher and bass-baritone Patrick Carfizzi - both wonderful comic actors and fine singers who knew how, when it made sense, to draw on Rossini's vocal ornamentations to considerable comic effect.  The agile-voiced Belcher delivered a wonderfully animated, bigger-than-life take on the crafty, clownish Figaro."

Opera News, October 2013


"Belcher was a firecracker of a barber and his bright, vibrant baritone served the role of Figaro well. Animated and witty, Mr. Belcher showed off an uncommonly wide range which encompassed some astonishingly easy , ringing high phrases."

Opera Today, July 10, 2013


"Daniel Belcher sang a Figaro that was crafty and nimble."

Denver Post, July 4, 2013


"As Figaro, the eponymous 'Barber,' Belcher exuded joy throughout."

Boulder Daily Camera, July 1, 2013


"Daniel Belcher never fail(s) to vocally and theatrically light up the senses."

The Gazette, July 12, 2013


"As the title character, Daniel Belcher was an energetic and winning Figaro."

Boulder Weekly, July 11, 2013


As Figaro in Le Nozze di Figaro with Florentine Opera, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"...the more focused, linear baritone of Daniel Belcher's Figaro.  Belcher jabbed out 'Se vuol ballare' in sharp staccato.  Belcher played it wonderfully in both his singing and his acting."

 Third Coast Daily, May 11, 2013


"From baritone Daniel Belcher's good-natured Figaro, the wonderfully balanced principals managed comedy without overacting, never letting their ongoing stage business get in the way of vocal production."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, May 12, 2013


As Baritone Soloist with Lyric Opera Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

"The program featured decidedly animated vocalists who bounded into the material - literally, in the case of baritone Daniel Belcher, making his entrance through the theater to deliver a super-caffeinated 'Largo al factotum.'"

The Baltimore Sun, April 15, 2013


As Papageno in Die Zauberflote with Utah Opera, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Belcher nearly stole the show with his light, jovial vocal delivery and excellent comic timing."

Salt Lake Tribune, March 17, 2013


"Baritone Daniel Belcher is perfectly cast as the easy going bird catcher Papageno.  Possessing a light, lyrical voice and with solid comic acting talents, he gave a standout performance."

Reichel Recommends, March17, 2013


"Soprano Anya Matanovic, as Pamina, and baritone Daniel Belcher, as Papageno, combined for a delicate, graceful "Bei Mannern," radiating vocal warmth and charm.  Belcher's personality and delivery never misfired.  Matanovic's stunning beauty and equally alluring voice were especially captivating in scenes with Belcher."

Opera News, March 16, 2013


As Mercutio in Romeo et Juliette with Opera Colorado, Denver, Colorado

"Grammy-award winning baritone Daniel Belcher is perfectly cast as Mercutio, Romeo's cynical friend who makes fun of romantic love.", February 11, 2013 


"Daniel Belcher was superb as Mercutio, his warm and commanding baritone won me over.  He was charismatic and well suited to the role.", February 13, 2013


"baritone Daniel Belcher's strong presentation of Mercutio"

Denver Post, February 11, 2013


"Baritone Daniel Belcher's Mercutio, after the daunting assignment of singing the first aria - the breathless, pattering Queen Mab monologue - must shift gears to provide the first moment of tragedy when Tybalt strikes him down.  Belcher makes it seem effortless."

Boulder Daily Camera, February 11, 2013


As Taddeo in L'Italiana in Algeri with Houston Grand Opera, Houston, Texas

"Daniel Belcher had a field day as buffoonish Taddeo."

Houston Press, November 1, 2012


"Baritone Daniel Belcher's cowardly and nerve-jangled Taddeo was a virtuoso performance of fretting and whimpering as Taddeo's fortunes seemed to collapse with each twist of the plot."

Opera News, October 26, 2012


"As Taddeo, Daniel Belcher is a comedic tour-de-force.  He utilizes wacky bodily movements, especially in 'Va sossopra il mio cervello'.  Daniel Belcher is nothing short of fun to watch every time he is on stage, especially during the highly amusing song 'Ho un gran peso sulla testa'."

Broadway World, October 27, 2012


"Daniel Belcher gives a vigorous interpretation of the comic Taddeo, nearly dancing throughout the incredible bell-and-drum number at the end of the first act."

Houston Culture Map, October 27, 2012


"Daniel Belcher's voice has matured well, and he makes a welcome return to the stage waxing appropriately confused and vulnerable as Taddeo."



"Daniel Belcher brings another distinctive shade to the show's vocal palette with his droll performance as fussy Taddeo."

Houston Chronicle, October 31, 2012


As Dandini in  La Cenerentola with Madison Opera, Madison, Wisconsin

"If there was a surprise show stealer, it was Daniel Belcher in the role of Dandini.  In his company debut, Belcher displayed some spot-on comic contributions as well as some physical gifts. Fortunately, he is equally adept at producing vocal memories."

Madison Magazine, April 30, 2012


"The baritone role of the valet Dandini can sometimes steal the show and Daniel Belcher comes pretty close to that."

The Daily Page, April 28, 2012


As Chou En-Lai in Nixon in China with Lyric Opera of Kansas City

"Daniel Belcher was a revelation as Chou En-Lai.  In Belcher's voice, Chou En-Lai came off as the voice of introspective reason, the only person truly aware of the implications of the unprecedented meeting.  His toast aria 'Ladies and Gentlemen, comrades and friends' was stern and commanding with an air of cautious welcome.  The opera's concluding aria, 'I am old and cannot sleep,' was infused with melancholy and resignation.",  March 12, 2012


"Baritone Daniel Belcher, as Zhou En-Lai, sings the role with piercing clarity."

Kansas City Star, March 12, 2012


"Daniel Belcher as Chou En-Lai was nimble and light on his feet and his colorful baritone suited the role."

Kansas City Independent, March 2012


As Gianni Schicchi and Le Mari in Les Mamelles de Tiresias, Central City Opera, Colorado

"The opera was ably anchored by Daniel Belcher's winning Schicchi, whose generous and beautifully produced baritone effortlessly filled the house.  A naturally appealing comedian, Belcher is that rare performer who lights up a stage with every entrance."

Stage Happenings, July 12, 2011


"The gender bending and-bruising work could have been written for Joanna Mongiardo and Daniel Belcher, so perfect were they as the hilarious couple whose story this is."

"Belcher brought his talents as a born comedian to the title role."

Boulder Daily Camera, July 11, 2011


"Clever Gianni, played to absolute perfection by Daniel Belcher"

"Daniel Belcher sings again - with serious mojo - this time as Le Mari.  He must have been very, very busy."

The Examiner, July 15, 2011


As Dandini in La Cenerentola with Opera Colorado, Denver

"A born comedian, baritone Daniel Belcher clearly delights in this production and the role of Dandini, even drawing laughs at times with his playful takes on Rossini's vocal ornamentations."

Denver Post,  May 2, 2011


"American baritone Daniel Belcher brought both grace and charm to his impersonation."

Boulder Daily Camera, May 7, 2011


"The cast is outstanding, especially Belcher.  His comical Dandini is completely at ease, thoroughly enjoying switching roles with the Prince."

The Examiner, May 2, 2011


"Belcher makes hay in a wonderfully comedic vocal and physical performance."


As Taddeo in L'Italiana in Algeri with Florentine Opera, Milwaukee

"Daniel Belcher balanced polished vocal work with a perfectly charming character as Taddeo."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 19, 2011 


"Daniel Belcher's bright baritone was a pleasure to hear as Taddeo."

Express Milwaukee, March 23, 2011


"Despite playing third wheel to the main couple, Belcher also proved to be a natural comic in addition to displaying commanding vocals as the 'uncle'."

Wisconsin Gazette, March 24, 2011


"I loved the hint of Groucho that Daniel Belcher brought to poor Taddeo."

Third Coast Digest, March 19, 2011


As Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with Portland Opera

“Baritone Daniel Belcher sang opera's favorite go-to title character, Figaro, with keen voice and wit (his entrance from the back of the hall set the tone, as he interacted impishly with audience members on his way to the stage).”

The Oregonian, May 10, 2010


“And Figaro, sung by animated baritone Daniel Belcher, lived up to the title role of Figaro, the barber who was a master at everything from cutting beards to making marriages (motivated by money, to a great extent). Belcher has performed this role in many places, as have his fellow leads, and knew the clever barber’s idiosyncrasies inside out.”, May 2010


As Taddeo in L'Italiana in Algeri with Utah Opera

“However, stealing the show was baritone Daniel Belcher as the timid Taddeo, a suitor of Isabella who is passed off as her uncle. He was absolutely wonderful in this role, bringing his considerable acting talents to good use in this production.”

Deseret News, March 14, 2010


“The uninhibited interaction and comic timing of bass-baritone Rod Nelman as Mustafà and baritone Daniel Belcher as Taddeo buoyed the production.  Belcher reveled in his role as Nelman's foil, entertaining the audience with rubber-faced reactions to Mustafà's amusing cluelessness.”

Opera News Online, March 2010


L'Amour de Loin recording (Harmonia Mundi)

“Baritone Daniel Belcher gives a powerful, convincing portrayal of Jaufré, capturing expertly the troubadour's mercurial disposition. Belcher is at his best in his descriptions of how words and notes for his songs are found, and in his semi-delirious moments at sea.”

Opera News Online, February 2010


"Rapturously sung by the three excellent soloists, the performance is one of irresistible shimmering beauty."

The Telegraph, London, July 28, 2009


"The fine cast features American baritone Daniel Belcher as a lithe, musical Jaufre..."

 Gramaphone Magazine, February 2010


"Daniel Belcher is a wonderfully driven Jaufre."

BBC Music Magazine


"American Daniel Belcher gives a fine reading of Jaufre, able to negotiate Saariaho's continuously demanding legato lines with rare adroitness."

 Audiophile Audition, February 17, 2010


"The same can be said for soprano Ekaterina Lekhina and baritone Daniel Belcher as the lovers; the startling purity and focus of their voices, and the intensity and subtlety with which they inhabit their roles, makes them absolutely compelling, both musically and dramatically."

All Music Guide


As Billy Budd in Billy Budd with Houston Grand Opera

In the title role, Daniel Belcher offered a vital portrayal of this doomed Adonis, highlighted by a riveting rendition of Billy's big aria in Act II.”

Opera News Online, April 2008


“Daniel Belcher, with his bright yellow mane, inhabits Budd in all his goodness and innocence. Belcher's luminous presence is in sharp contrast to the monochrome seascape. He's haunting in his final aria before his death, after which he goes willingly, at peace with his fate. His crisp performance gives Budd much of its punch.”, April 2008


“HGO Studio alumnus and baritone Daniel Belcher sang his first performance of Billy. His lithe, youthful stage persona certainly underscored Budd as a young and hopeful man. Early on Belcher seemed to be singing at his top volume but in the crucial soliloquy before he dies, he offered a deep revelation of the limits and generosity of Budd's intellect and character in wide-ranging tone, volume and expressiveness. It was one of several moments that invited the audience's reaction at the end of the show.”

Houston Chronicle, April 28, 2008


"As Billy Budd, baritone Daniel belcher sings with total conviction, whether he's waxing rhapsodic in 'Billy Budd, king of the birds,' or plangently prayerful in his expansive yet gentle farewell from below decks."

Houston Press


As Orfeo in Orfeo ed Euridice with Stadttheater Klagenfurt 

“In his Austrian debut, handsome, suave-voiced American Daniel Belcher dominated the evening with a complex portrait of a man dealing with the process of grief, culminating in a "Che farò?" whose every verse reflecting a different emotion.”

Opera News Online, December 2007


As Figaro in Il Barbiere di Siviglia with Florentine Opera

“Daniel Belcher is a born Figaro. His light but potent baritone sounds open and effortless, and he has a tenor-like ping on top. Belcher's unaffected singing and confident manner told us exactly who Figaro is: a guy who loves life and lives it his way. Belcher frolics atop the buoyancy that floats the whole show.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 28, 2007


As Orfeo in L'Orfeo with Opera Atelier 

“Baritone Daniel Belcher gave a daring performance in the title role. Initially, the boy-next-door looks and sunny disposition that make him an ideal Papageno did not seem to suit a tragic hero. This Orfeo, however, was more an Everyman than a demigod. Belcher, with a voice dark, rich and agile, gave a thrilling account of "Possente Spirto" that made masterful use of Monteverdi's characteristic trillo to convey hesitation, fear, frustration and despair.”

Opera News Online, April 2006


"American baritone Daniel Belcher is spectacular as Orfeo.  He expresses drama both vocally and physically, and his strong, lyric baritone is supple enough to gild every musical ornament." 

Toronto Star, April 17, 2006


"But the rightful star of the show is baritone Daniel Belcher, whose fresh-voiced Orfeo combines musical skills and heartfelt acting.  Travelling from happiness to misery to madness and back to joy, his Orfeo is emotionally truthful, proving, as Monteverdi intended, that music and drama are intimately connected.”

Now Toronto, April 20, 2006


"Daniel Belcher gives a superb performance as Orfeo, the demigod who travels to the underworld to win back his recently deceased wife.  His plea to Charon to ferry him across the Styx is truly heartrending."

Eye Weekly, April 20, 2006


As Mercutio in Roméo et Juliette with Houston Grand Opera

“Daniel Belcher sang Mercutio with rich sound and childlike glee.”

Houston Chronicle, April 25, 2005


“Daniel Belcher’s Mercutio supplies the production’s best vocalism, his baritone at once rich and finely focused.”

The Dallas Morning News, May 1, 2005


As Prior Walter in Angels in America with the Theatre du Chatelet

 "Playing Prior, Belcher brings a firm voice to Kushner's demand for 'more life' "

Variety, November 30, 2004


"Daniel Belcher in the central role of Prior, singing with a penetrating high baritone and forceful projection of the text"

Opera News, November 23, 2004


"Strong acting as well as singing was needed to carry off this effect.  Among the mostly American cast members, baritone Daniel Belcher as Prior...especially shone in both respects."

Opera Japonica


"Daniel Belcher's Prior is the kind of powerhouse stuff that indicates a star in the making."

The Guardian, (London),  November 26, 2004


“Daniel Belcher was vocally and physically agile, bright voiced and moving, an altogether luminous Prior.”

The New York Times, November 29, 2004


“The piece is served brilliantly by Daniel Belcher, a moving Prior as the epitomy of the anti-hero.”

Le Monde, November 26, 2004


“Daniel Belcher in the central role of Prior, sang with a penetrating high baritone and forceful projection of text.”

Opera News, February, 2005


As Papageno in Die Zauberflöte with Houston Grand Opera

“Belcher sang with sweet tone and oozed a warmth of personality that easily won over the audience.”

Charles Ward, Houston Chronicle


“The role of Papageno is one of the great show-stealers in opera, and Daniel Belcher’s bird catcher is absolutely adorable.  He’s weak-willed and goofy, but just endearingly so, and rare’s the singer so thoroughly engaged with an audience.  His baritone isn’t huge, but it’s gorgeous with depth and texture as well as fine focus.”

Dallas Morning News


“American baritone Daniel Belcher is the hands-down show stopper as the comic sidekick Papageno.  Belcher garnered more laughs and impulsive applause than a standup comic.”

The Daily Cougar


“She performs her most lilting duet “Wir wollen uns der Liebe freu’n, Wir leben durch die Lieb allein,” with Papageno (sung by American baritone Daniel Belcher). It’s one of Mozart’s most beloved duets, and the two artists sing it wonderfully.” Houston Press


As Papageno in Die Zauberflöte with New York City Opera

“Daniel Belcher, in his company debut, was a light-footed caperer of a Papageno, who won many a grateful laugh from an audience eager for the comic relief he offered.”

Anne Midgette, New York Times


As Papageno in Die Zauberflöte with Opera Atelier

“ the amazing performance of Daniel Belcher as the bird-seller Papageno.  Belcher is so perfect, I now cannot imagine anyone ever performing this role better.  Not only does Belcher have a rich, deep baritone but also he is a superb comic actor….Belcher is lithe and nimble enough to encompass this added layer of physical movement with ease.  Papageno is called a “child of nature” and for the first time I saw someone fully bring out this character’s childlike attitude and link to the natural world.  How exciting it is to see a classic role so fully realized.”

“And please, the next time you revive this production, bring back the marvelous Daniel Belcher as Papageno.”

Stage Door


“Besides, in the debuting baritone, Daniel Belcher, the new production boasts an inspired Papageno, whose decision to play the character as an innocent rather than an idiot gives the bird-catcher a touching humanity for all the avian twitchers incorporated into the characterization.  This humanity is the ingredient successfully used by the production to bridge the opera’s stylistic gap and make it one piece.”

The Toronto Star



“Daniel Belcher is endearing as the bird-brained Papageno.”

The Saturday Sun


As Papageno in Die Zauberflőte with Eugene Opera

"Daniel Belcher's Papageno...was another audience favorite with the audience and deservedly so. …displayed a powerful, resilient baritone, made the acting part seem easy, and never overdid the comic bits that Papageno can be tempted into.”

The Register-Guard



As Don Giovanni in Don Giovanni with Opera Atelier

“Daniel Belcher as Don Giovanni… [is] brilliant”

Chosun Ilbo


As Orestes in Iphigénie en Tauride with Opera Atelier

“Baritone Daniel Belcher has a well-rounded burnished sounds sound and showed a great feel for the music’s dramatic pull…”

Toronto Star


“Daniel Belcher creates a powerful portrait, physically and vocally, of Orestes.”

Eye Weekly


As Don Antonio in Masaniello Furioso with Staatsoper Stuttgart

“Daniel Belcher as Don Antonio…circle(s) around the stage with such musical and dance-like precision that Masaniello…becomes quite dizzy and finally keels over.”

Fränkische Nachrichten


“The requisite gallantry in the presentation is supplied by…Daniel Belcher as Antonio.”

Pforzheimer Zeitung


“…and Daniel Belcher in the role of Don Antonio impressed not only by…[his]…acting but also by…[his]…brilliant singing.”

Das Opernglas


“…and Daniel Belcher’s Don Antonio…all are noble representatives of vocal culture, which encompasses virtuosic gesture as much as emotional depth.”

Stuttgarter Nachrichten           


“…Daniel Belcher’s voice of beautiful melting sweetness…”

Süddeutsche Zeitung


As Harlequin in Ariadne auf Naxos with San Francisco Opera

“The singing was so sterling – no less so by baritone Daniel Belcher…”

San Francisco Reporter


“The singing, from top to bottom of a large and varied cast, was beautiful, supple and precise.”

 “The rest of the cast held up its end splendidly. Daniel Belcher, John Ames, Kevin Conners and Greg Fedderly made up a lively commedia dell’arte troupe…”

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


“…baritone Daniel Belcher was an appealing, energetic Harlequin.”

Contra Cost Times


“Standouts in the trio of nymphs and commedia dell’arte clowns were mezzo Jane Gilbert as Dryade and baritone Daniel Belcher as Arlecchino”

Dallas Morning News




As Dandini in La Cenerentola with San Francisco Opera 

"Baritone Daniel Belcher was a sure-voiced, superbly comic Dandini..."

Contra Costa Times


 "The foppish Dandini of Daniel Belcher, the first valet to the prince, was silly and wonderful.  His disguise as prince allowed him to bound around on stage most preposterously, astounding the prince himself with his mockery of the excesses of the aristocracy.  A very accomplished and disciplined acting job indeed.  Chaplinesque."

San Francisco Classical Voice


"Baritone Daniel Belcher sang well and acted well in impishly masquerading as a prince."

Piedmont Post


"Comic roles do attract, and one might feel for a moment that Belcher, playing Dandini with a bouncy voice, a firecracker delivery and a dandyish manner, is stealing the show."

Daily Republic 



"The genuinely fine performance of the evening was that of baritone Daniel belcher as Dandini, the prince's valet who masquerades as the prince.  Belcher's instrument is rich and full, and he has a genuine talent for the comical.  He inhabits this role and delivers it with a natural charm..."

CultureVulture.Net, June 14, 2003


As Schaunard in La Bohème with Houston Grand Opera

“Daniel Belcher’s Schaunard is capable….”

The Dallas Morning News


“Baritone Daniel Belcher lends his voice and body to a moving portrayal of philosopher Schaunard...”

Houston Press


As the title role in L'Orfeo with Houston Grand Opera

“Orpheus was sung by baritone Daniel Belcher (a departure from the lighter, tenor voice customarily cast). ...Belcher created a first-rate portrayal that drew the listener more and more into the hopes and despair of his character.  I hope he gets to sing the role again.”           

The Houston Chronicle


As John Brooke in Little Women with New York City Opera

“Daniel Belcher as Meg’s beloved stood out.”

The New York Times


As John Brooke in Little Women with Houston Grand Opera


"DiDonato is well matched by Daniel Belcher's portrayal of John Brooke, making the second scene of the opera arguably the strongest.", January 24, 2011


"...baritone Daniel Belcher sings Brooke smoothly."

Opera News, February 2011


“…baritone Daniel Belcher voicing John Brooke’s high-lying marriage proposal with mellow ardor.”

Opera News


As John Brooke in Little Women with Central City Opera

“Daniel Belcher’s rich baritone made for an effective John Brooke.”

The New Mexican


As Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with Arizona Opera

“Daniel Belcher’s broadly etched Figaro was a comic delight and he sang the famous “Largo al factotum della citta” flawlessly.”

Broadway’s Biggest


As Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with Wolf Trap Opera Company

“Baritone Daniel Belcher’s chracterization of Figaro was a genuine change of pace that worked brilliantly in this production. While Figaro is often portrayed as a vigorous, drinking-buddy kind of guy, Mr. Belcher’s barber was a preening, blond dandy, full of himself and loving it.  His wonderful rendition of the much-satirized aria “Largo al factotum della citta”was a narcissistic laugh-fest, a real treat, and its tricky vocal ornamentations handled well by his knife-sharp baritone.”

The Washington Times


As Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with Lake George Opera Festival

“The role of Figaro fit baritone Daniel Belcher like a glove.  He was brilliant, humorous and graceful.”

The Post-Star, Glenn Falls, NY


“Baritone Daniel Belcher was a short, compact, lively Barber with a brave ring to his voice.  He sang all the runs and roulades of Rossini’s enchanted music with control married to spontaneity.  He made the convention of vocal theater work wonderously, especially the famous “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro” aria.”

Times Union


“Belcher is a handsome and confident Figaro and his big first aria, “Largo al factotum,” sung after a dramatic, rock-star-like entrance from the back of the auditorium, was delivered with personality and flair.”

The Daily Gazette


As Dandini in La Cenerentola with Opera Company of Philadelphia

 "Finally, I was privileged to see and hear Daniel Belcher as Dandini.  Best of all, his stage presence and his singing are subtle, understated and tasteful."

The Opera Critic